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Djatlov Pass

DJATLOV PASS – Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes: Horror-Thriller: Amazon.​de: Moncrieff, J.H., Lohse, Tina: Bücher. Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im Gebiet zwischen der Republik Komi und der Oblast Swerdlowsk im Jahr bezeichnet. Sie starben in der Nacht vom 1. auf den 2. brachen neun russische Studenten zu einer Ski-Expedition in den Ural auf. Wochen später fand man ihre Leichen, auf grausamste Art verstümmelt.

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Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im Gebiet zwischen der Republik Komi und der Oblast Swerdlowsk im Jahr bezeichnet. Sie starben in der Nacht vom 1. auf den 2. Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass (russisch Гибель тургруппы Дятлова) wird der ungeklärte Tod Literatur[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Donnie Eichar: Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Chronicle Books. DJATLOV PASS – Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes: Horror-Thriller: Amazon.​de: Moncrieff, J.H., Lohse, Tina: Bücher. Bücher bei Jetzt DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes von J. H. Moncrieff versandkostenfrei bestellen bei, Ihrem. brachen neun russische Studenten zu einer Ski-Expedition in den Ural auf. Wochen später fand man ihre Leichen, auf grausamste Art verst. Über eBooks bei Thalia ✓»DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes«von J. H. Moncrieff & weitere eBooks online kaufen & direkt. brachen neun russische Studenten zu einer Ski-Expedition in den Ural auf. Wochen später fand man ihre Leichen, auf grausamste Art verstümmelt.

Djatlov Pass

Szene aus dem Dokumentarfilm „The Dyatlov Pass Incident“ von Renny Harlin, © imago. Eine erste Antwort auf die Frage ergab sich am DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes, eBook epub (epub eBook) von J. H. Moncrieff bei als Download für Tolino, eBook-Reader. Über eBooks bei Thalia ✓»DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes«von J. H. Moncrieff & weitere eBooks online kaufen & direkt.

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Jeremy Bates. Zu Beginn der Ermittlungen war die Theorie aufgekommen, dass die Wandergruppe von Angehörigen des Volkes der Mansen angegriffen und ermordet worden sei. Zur Filialseite. Oder ist doch etwas Unheimlicheres am Werke, das dafür sorgen will, dass sich die Geschichte wiederholt und die Abenteurer ebenfalls zu tragischen Opfern des berüchtigten "Berg des Todes" werden? Im Auge Des Wolfes hat nicht alles getan, was ich wollte mehr Mysterien, mehr vom Geschehen des Djatlov Passes, mehr Podcast - das hätte mir gefallenes war MarvelS The Punisher vorhersehbar also, ganz ehrlich: wahnsinnig und die Figuren waren mir regelrecht gleichgültig. Februar — dem Am Nachmittag des Djatlov Pass. Weitere Artikel finden Sie in:. Februar brachen drei Wandergruppen ins Suchgebiet auf Wolf-Dietrich Berg noch am selben Tag wurden Erkundungsflüge durchgeführt, die jedoch keine Erkenntnisse über den Verbleib der Djatlow-Gruppe lieferten. Bis heute sind die genauen Todesumstände und die Ursache der Tragödie ungeklärt. Richard Laymon. Meine Filiale:. Gibt es einen Mörder in ihrer Mitte? DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes, eBook epub (epub eBook) von J. H. Moncrieff bei als Download für Tolino, eBook-Reader. Szene aus dem Dokumentarfilm „The Dyatlov Pass Incident“ von Renny Harlin, © imago. Eine erste Antwort auf die Frage ergab sich am brachen neun russische Studenten zu einer Ski-Expedition in den Ural auf. Wochen später fand man ihre Leichen, auf grausamste Art.

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The Strange Deaths Of The 9 Hikers Of Dyatlov Pass

Djatlov Pass The Hikers Enter The Dyatlov Pass Video

Following in the tracks of the Dyatlov Group. Get to the truth of the Dyatlov Pass incident

The possibility of a crime has been discounted. Indeed, many of those who had remained silent for thirty years reported new facts about the accident.

In , he published an article that included his admission that the investigation team had no rational explanation for the incident.

He also stated that, after his team reported that they had seen flying spheres, he then received direct orders from high-ranking regional officials to dismiss this claim.

The narrative line of the book details the everyday life and thoughts of a modern woman an alter ego of the author herself who attempts to resolve the case.

Despite its fictional narrative, Matveyeva's book remains the largest source of documentary materials ever made available to the public regarding the incident.

Also, the pages of the case files and other documentaries in photocopies and transcripts are gradually being published on a web forum for enthusiastic researchers.

The foundation's stated aim is to continue investigation of the case and to maintain the Dyatlov Museum to preserve the memory of the dead hikers.

Reviewing the sensationalist " Yeti " hypothesis see below , American skeptic author Benjamin Radford suggests an avalanche as more plausible:.

They were poorly clothed because they had been sleeping, and ran to the safety of the nearby woods where trees would help slow oncoming snow.

In the darkness of night, they got separated into two or three groups; one group made a fire hence the burned hands while the others tried to return to the tent to recover their clothing since the danger had passed.

But it was too cold, and they all froze to death before they could locate their tent in the darkness.

At some point, some of the clothes may have been recovered or swapped from the dead, but at any rate, the group of four whose bodies was most severely damaged were caught in an avalanche and buried under 4 meters 13 ft of snow more than enough to account for the 'compelling natural force' the medical examiner described.

Dubinina's tongue was likely removed by scavengers and ordinary predation. Evidence contradicting the avalanche theory includes: [39] [40].

A review of the investigation's evidence completed in — by experienced investigators from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation ICRF on request of the families confirmed the avalanche with several important details added.

These factors weren't considered by the investigators who arrived at the scene of the accident three weeks later when the weather had much improved and any remains of the snow slide settled down and had been covered with fresh snowfall.

The harsh weather at the same time played a critical role in the events of the tragic night, which has been reconstructed as follows: [41] [42].

According to the ICRF investigators, the factors contributing to the tragedy were extremely bad weather and lack of experience of the group leader in such conditions, which led to the selection of a dangerous camping place.

After the snow slide, another mistake of the group was to split up, rather than building a temporary camping place down in the forest and trying to survive through the night.

Negligence of the investigators contributed to their report creating more questions than answers and inspiring numerous conspiracy theories. In , a Swedish -Russian expedition was made to the site, and after investigations, they proposed that a violent katabatic wind is a likely explanation for the incident.

They were implicated in a case at Anaris Mountain in Sweden, where eight hikers were killed and one was seriously injured in the aftermath of katabatic wind.

A sudden katabatic wind would have made it impossible to remain in the tent, and the most rational course of action would be for the hikers to cover the tent with snow and seek shelter among the treeline.

The expedition proposed that the group of hikers constructed two bivouac shelters, one of which collapsed, leaving four of the hikers buried with the violent injuries observed.

By the time they were further down the hill, they would have been out of the infrasound's path and would have regained their composure, but in the darkness would be unable to return to their shelter.

Speculation exists that the campsite fell within the path of a Soviet parachute mine exercise. This theory alleges that the hikers, woken by loud explosions, fled the tent in a shoeless panic and found themselves unable to return for supply retrieval.

After some members froze to death attempting to endure the bombardment, others commandeered their clothing only to be fatally injured by subsequent parachute mine concussions.

There are indeed records of parachute mines being tested by the Soviet military in the area around the time the hikers were there.

The theory coincides with reported sightings of glowing, orange orbs floating or falling in the sky within the general vicinity of the hikers and allegedly photographed by them, [49] potentially military aircraft or descending parachute mines.

This theory among others uses scavenging animals to explain Dubinina's injuries. Photographs of the tent allegedly show that it was erected incorrectly, something the experienced hikers were unlikely to have done.

A similar theory alleges the testing of radiological weapons and is partly based on the discovery of radioactivity on some of the clothing as well as the bodies being described by relatives as having orange skin and grey hair.

However, radioactive dispersal would have affected all of the hikers and equipment instead of just some of it, and the skin and hair discoloration can be explained by a natural process of mummification after three months of exposure to the cold and winds.

Furthermore, the initial suppression of files regarding the group's disappearance by Soviet authorities is sometimes mentioned as evidence of a cover-up, but the concealment of information regarding domestic incidents was standard procedure in the USSR and therefore far from peculiar.

And by the late s, all Dyatlov files had been released in some manner. International Science Times posited that the hikers' deaths were caused by hypothermia , which can induce a behavior known as paradoxical undressing in which hypothermic subjects remove their clothes in response to perceived feelings of burning warmth.

However, others in the group appear to have acquired additional clothing from those who had already died , which suggests that they were of a sound enough mind to try to add layers.

Keith McCloskey, who has researched the incident for many years and has appeared in several TV documentaries on the subject, traveled to the Dyatlov Pass in with Yury Kuntsevich of the Dyatlov Foundation and a group.

At the Dyatlov Pass he noted:. Donnie Eichar , who investigated and made a documentary about the incident, evaluated several other theories that are deemed unlikely or have been discredited: [52].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unsolved deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural Mountains in The group's tomb at the Mikhailovskoe Cemetery in Yekaterinburg , Russia.

Kholat Syakhl. Keith , Ch. Retrieved 12 September What awaits Dyatlov beyond the pass of fate. Volume 3, Investigation. Archived from the original on 27 February Retrieved 1 November Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Retrieved 27 April The Telegraph. Petersburg Times. Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 1 January Anatoly, Gushchin.

The price of state secrets is nine lives , Izdatelstvo "Uralskyi Rabochyi", Sverdlovsk, RU in Russian. Retrieved 7 June Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian.

Anna, Matveyeva. Pereval in Russian. RU : Forum Retrieved 27 December Our Russia. Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 13 July Strange Frequency Radio.

Archived from the original on 5 September Retrieved 19 September Curious World. Curious Britannia Ltd. Archived from the original on 4 October Retrieved 1 September Dyatlov Pass.

Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 19 April SVT Nyheter in Swedish. The documents were immediately bombarded with criticism by the case researchers and experts on the Dyatlov Pass incident.

We start with the location of the tent, with which Kuryakov spoke very proudly at the press conference held in the Komsomolskaya Pravda editorial on July 11, Results of the Investigation.

Expert opinions, test results, 3D model of the pass, in-depth study of terrain, weather, behavior, risks, military archives, books on avalanches, etc.

Interview with Mihail Sharavin Mihail Sharavin was in Slobtsov group, one of the first to land near Otorten. He and Slobtsov found Dyatlov group tent on 26th of Feb , he and Koptelov found the first two frozen bodies under the cedar tree on the 27th.

Sharavin then had a ski accident right there on the pass, and was taken to Ivdel hospital where he remained for 21 days. He was not questioned by the authorities.

Neither was Koptelov. Sharavin's recollections are important for establishing the facts so poorly documented by the official investigation.

June 29, Relatives and activists of the Dyatlov group's memory fund continue to insist that the group was victimized by a man-made disaster during tests of military weapons missiles.

Three most likely versions are called: negligence on behalf of the rocket engineers who made a mistake in the design of the hull or engine of the aircraft, unsuccessful launch and sabotage.

Since Sverdlovsk Prosecutors are not considering following up on these leads they petition the case to be moved to Moscow.

Midnight Society Radio. Podcast MP3. Your browser does not support the audio element. Which way is Siberia? The answer is harder than you think.

Classified Case Files Volume 2. You know how cold cases movies start - with boxes covered with dust and the investigators bracing for sleepless nights.

Well there you go, I give you the Dyatlov Case files volume 2. Try to find out for yourself if the investigation worked to comply with cover up or if the criminal prosecutor, Ivanov, reach a dead end.

Were the documents doctored and plucked out, since this is the classified folder, or did the experts try to make sense of the bizarre circumstances?

In any case, when the prosecutor's office finally makes a statement regarding the ongoing preliminary investigation that started in , you will have the case files handy for reference.

Valentin Yakimenko In August , on that pass on Kholat Syakhl mountain, a group led by Valentin Yakimienko set a memorial plaque saying: "In memory of those who left and did not return, we name this pass after the Dyatlov group".

Vadim Chernobrov is called the chief ufologist of Russia. He died at the age of 52 from cancer. He was chasing UFO's all his adult life.

Did radiation from the sightings caught up with him at the end? On the 40th anniversary of Dyatlov Pass tragedy he went on an expedition to the Mountain of the Dead, as he calls it, and published in his book shortly after.

He left a very interesting legacy to the Dyatlov group case, one that we built on to this day. Interview with Stanislav Bogomolov.

Stanislav Bogomolov met with Lev Ivanov in and published the first " Mystery of fireballs " article. This interview was taken in Bogomolov remains supporter of Lev Ivanov's fireballs theory: "I have read many publications on the subject.

There are always more questions than answers. In fact the questions that matter are only two: what caused the horrendous injuries and where did the radiation come from.

I doubt that the prosecutors will be able to answer them, but I am looking forward to their findings. In the race into space, the Russians can claim bigger satellites and more powerful rockets.

If the U. Today he can tip back his head and look at the sky. Beyond its outermost blue are the world-encompassing belts of fierce radiation that bear his name.

No human name has ever been given to a more majestic feature of the planet Earth. The U. Southwest, land of rockets, atom bombs and flying saucers, had another sensation last week: green fireballs streaking across the sky, behaving like nothing ever seen by earthlings before.

In 13 days, eight brilliant objects dazzled Southwesterners. According to Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, head of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, a fall of nine bright meteorites in a year over a comparable area would be considered exceptional.

Stanislav Bogomolov meets with Lev Ivanov and publishes his article "Mystery of the fireballs" in July Lev Ivanov then publishes his own article with the same title 4 months later, in November You can compare the contents of the articles and decide if anything was left out that prompted Lev Ivanov to do his own publication.

There was no epicenter. This once again confirmed a source of heat ray or completely unknown to us energy acting selectively - the snow was not melted, the trees were not damaged.

It seemed like when the hikers walked on their feet more than five hundred meters down from the mountain, someone dealt with some of them as direct targets It was different, as if a balloon had burst.

The fact, that at the edge of the forest, where the hikers so hastily ran away from the tent, the tree branches were as if singed.

Not burnt, not broken, but singed. I suppose it all happened like this: the guys had dinner and went to bed. One of them came out of natural need there were traces and saw something that made everyone leave the tent and run down.

I think it was a light ball. It caught up with them, or it happened by chance, at the edge of the forest. Zina Kolmogorova's letters. Will we quarrel.

After all, Kolevatov is with us. Gosya Dyatlov works in the laboratory, completes the diploma project in practice, not much of a life, not friends with anybody of the girls of course What if there is sadness sometimes?

After all, one must live! We need to see only the good in life, and then it will be more fun to live. I give you my word that everything will be all right Dyatlov Pass incident vs.

Chivruay tragedy. Why compare incidents that have nothing in common? The Dyatlov Pass incident opens the door for a lot of speculation.

If I could discover so much while not believing they are related in any way, then imagine what a blast the media would have.

Nor is Chivruay Pass the only one, Hamar-Daban follows on its heels. The renaissance of interest garnered by the Dyatlov Pass incident is now expanding to cover multiple deaths in the mountains under mysterious - or not so mysterious - circumstances.

The mystery for many begins by wondering why would anyone venture there in first place. Personally, I enjoyed this research immensely.

The Chivruay Pass incident is interesting on its own, and doesn't need the overshadowing mystery of the Dyatlov case. Chivruay How it really happened.

These are the recollections of Dr. Vladimir Borzenkov, a member of the search party in He is also an avid Dyatlov group case researcher, so his insight about the similarities between the two incidents is indispensable.

The ravine. On May 5, , the last four bodies were found in the ravine of the 4th tributary of Lozva. Photos were made but we only have reference distance from the cedar tree, and that is not a science.

We don't even know in which direction. For decades Dyatlov case researchers are trying to pinpoint the places of the den and bodies.

This is the data from Shura Alekseenkov March expedition. Watches in Dyatlov group. The times on the watches found on the bodies are so close that researchers started experimenting with manual wind watches put in similar conditions and they found a correlation between the time a person freezes to death and when the watch on their wrist stops working.

We are talking to Dr. Vladimir Borzenkov. Injuries, clothing and belongings to Dyatlov group. Thanks to the Russian forums where most of the information about the Dyatlov Pass incident is, albeit scattered on hundreds of sites and thousands of posts, I found a schematics of Dyatlov group injuries, clothing and belongings that seem to portray more coherently the state in which the bodies were found.

You know the saying - a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a living example, sadly applied to the dead. The famous Boot Rock.

There is the famous boot shaped rock close to where the helicopters landed. The bodies and belongings of the group were placed at the leeward side of the rock for transport out.

This was also where the provisions for the search team were piled up to be taken down to their camp. The cedar and the search camp are on the opposite sides of the Boot Rock.

The memorial plaque is fixed to this rock. In the same manner as the Dyatlov case itself, the monument that memorializes it looks absolutely different from every side you approach it.

It is hard to believe that we are talking about the same rock, or case. Grigoriev "Snowstorm in the Mountains" - 3. A breeze blew, the cedar mysteriously rustled.

I listened to his noise for a long time, as if trying to understand what he was whispering about. Around the cedar, tall crooked birches. Boughs were cut from the cedar.

Some are found far away. They were blown away by the wind. Some cuts are made on a birch with a knife, but not all the way through. On the corpses, they told us, were charred white woolen socks.

Eye sockets are filled with snow, their heads were over blown with snow. I imagined, listening to the whisper from the cedar, how Krivonischenko and Doroshenko died here.

Grigoriev "Snowstorm in the Mountains" - 2. Then these wonderful machines frightening, ugly, one after another raising a whole snowstorm around them, sat on the airfield.

All the guys admire the work of the pilots. They are heroes. How the events were described after all the gruesome findings. Grigoriev notebooks are describing the process, what did people think when the first four bodies were find, then the fifth, then the last four part 3.

You will read about how did the participants in the search feel and acted. We can follow the mystery in the making, how did the perception of the incident changed and formed.

Grigoriev is copying the diaries that are later on entered into the case files and nobody has seen the originals, only the typed transcript.

Part 2 of 3. Grigoriev "Snowstorm in the Mountains" - 1. In the mountains, especially in winter, there are such storms and snowfalls that the slightest mistake can cost a life.

This is what happened in the first days of February to the Dyatlov group, 9 students of UPI and engineers. It happened between the height and Otorten.

The ultimate goal of their trip was Otorten. The height of this mountain is meters and it is almost on the 62 parallel, km from Ivdel in the north.

I took part in the search of the group. We found only bodies and their belongings. They were found and deciphered very recently. Grigoriev gives an emotional account of his participation in the search for Dyatlov group in We can read details that are not mentioned in the case files.

Part 1 of 3. Experiment with raised tracks. These are tracks of skis and snowshoes left by us exactly a month ago when the snow cover was at least 0.

You can see the raised prints. What surprised me is that when the snow melts it doesn't loose the top layer but the relief sinks down.

On the last 3 photos you can see 3 occurrences of "snow bloom" which is one of the theories about the orange tinge of the bodies on Dyatlov Pass.

See the photos. The mystery of Oleg Vavilov's death. A group of nine hikers in the Causasus mountains suffered a deadly incident on February 4, , with Oleg Vavilov the sole casualty.

A senior instructor Schneider joined the group at the last moment. He was alone with the victim at the time of the incident, where he was supposed to secure him with a rope.

There is the mention of a blow with an ice ax in the death certificate. Stalin is known to have gone after the children of people he hated.

Was the incident in the Caucasus Mountains ordered from above? People are still conflicted over this controversy. The correct order to read the articles is: Dropped on orders from above , then The route not traveled.

Dropped on orders from above. The famous Russian scientist Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov had two children from two marriages.

The youngest son, Yuri, is still alive and working on the study of archives, collecting bit by bit the life story of his father.

But until recently, very little was known about the eldest son Oleg. Almost everything that was known more concerned Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov himself.

He got lucky. Based on her stories and documents, which she managed to save, he collected unique information about the life of the eldest son Nikolay Vavilov.

Sasha - the baby that always broke his mother into tears. Baby Sasha was the only surviving child of the group. His whereabouts are unknown.

Galina Sazonova, Doctor pediatrician and Dyatlov case researcher, is at the moment the person who knows best Semyon Zolotaryov's background.

Sazonova has been researching his life and she is emotionally bound to keep going further. Whose jacket is this? On this photo Slobodin is posing in a burnt quilted jacket.

We know it is not his because Zina writes in her diary: "Burned mittens 2 and Yurkin's quilted jacket.

As everything else in this case this happens to be controversial too. Starik Kamen. Leading the group is Yuri Doroshenko.

Ready to go and ready to live. Rustem Slobodin last post card. Yesterday we safely reached the village of Vizhay. Now we are taking a truck to the starting point - 2nd Northern.

Everything is good. I am sorry I didn't say goodbye - got carried away. All the best. How the group got together.

Hiking experience of Dyatlov group. The members of Dyatlov group were experienced, seasoned hikers. They knew what they were doing, and although the equipment, maps, skis and provisions for the harsh winter mountains were not up to the modern standards, the group was prepared and doing just fine.

Until the moment they were not. All statements testify to the fact that this trek should not be much different from any preceding one, and certainly not so life threatening.

Something must have gone terribly wrong. Zinaida Kolmogorova is the group. Igor Dyatlov was brave, confident, experienced and passionate.

I know the kind - they can be wild when alone but they always take care of their fellows. Igor had sense of responsibility.

Being a leader is a quality that can not be acquired but comes from the core of your heart. Mountaineering you can learn if you feel the tug.

But you can't make people follow you and trust you with their lives. This is a talent that Igor had, he was a leader.

Feb , hike in Northern Ural leading the group Igor Dyatlov. They are so full of life and expectations.

This is how we should remember them. Peak Manaraga. Peak Manaraga m is a landmark in the Subpolar Ural Mountains. This scary looking photo of Igor Dyatlov in a makeshift mask is taken exactly a year before the tragic incident on Kholat Syakhl.

January six students from Sverdlovsk went to ascend winter Manaraga. They were forced to split up at the very start - at Kozhim station - to fly into the mountains by plane.

They went to the eastern slope of the Urals, to the Severniy Naroda base, in extreme conditions, without sleeping bags and a stove.

Vizhay Club - New Years Eve There is a twist of psychic insight at the end. In the studio is a man who is claiming that for many years he kept the secret of the Mansi shamans.

What role could Semyon Zolotaryov play in the deaths of the Dyatlov group. He was much older than the rest of the hikers. During his exhumation in the grave was found a person who is not Semyon Zolotaryov.

How can modern technology help solve the mystery of Dyatlov Pass incident. Mansi Mansi Mansi. The Mansi are ever present throughout the Dyatlov case.

It is their land where the events take place. They help in the search of Dyatlov group although their testimonies seem to hide secrets.

It is hard to believe they didn't know more than they said. Even if this the case, their sacred places and believes would not amount onto killing people intentionally.

If they were involved in any aspect of the crime, this would be due to different motivation, not religious or drug educed rage. The Mansi are not the only mystery in Dyatlov case.

The integrity of the Russians was far from solid as well. This is an overview of the testimonies of Mansi. They are contradictory to each other, and don't add up.

The impression is that there are big gaps in between, and then something else is said, not bearing out previous testimony. Let's go over the testimonies of Mansi in Mansi landmarks added to the Dyatlov Pass Google map.

Russian Channel 1 film crew with host Andrey Malahov together with correspondents from Komsomolskaya Pravda lived for a week on Dyatlov Pass. To this day there are 64 theories of what might have happened in February This episode features love quarrel, criminal versions of Mansi and escapees from the gulag, UFO and Yeti theories.

In this infamous case there is a persistent talk about brown-red or orange discoloration of the of skin of the victims and their clothes. Lets track this claims to their origin, and see what they amount to.

Interview by Maya Piskareva with Igor Olegovich Makushkin, the son of the same expert on Dyatlov case - Genrietta Eliseevna Churkina who examined the tent and was present at the autopsies of the last 4 bodies found in May Her son became forensic expert in the same Sverdlovsk forensic research laboratory, and he is now a Professor of Forensic Science.

His mother was confiding in him as a colleague, but on his opinion there were secrets that she took with her.

Irina Rashevskaya Doroshenko letter. Tinted with orange powder. It seems all the dead were orange. My brother Volodya studied in UPI at this time.

He met with relatives of the victims and reported all the versions to my mother. Then the relatives were told not to go there anymore.

To drop it. No one will tell them anything. Interview Navig with Irina Rashevskaya Doroshenko. They were caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Namely, it is connected with military equipment. No doubt about it. Nothing else. Avalanche is nonsense The color of their skin confirms it I just heard what my mother said - orange.

Interview M. He was born, grew up, studied, graduated from high school, entered the Institute of Radio Engineering, became interested in ski hiking, like almost all his fellow students of those years, went on an expedition and died.

On that trek, a few days before his death, he turned What do we know about him? Almost nothing. Off The Map.

Pitching the tent where it was found doesn't make any sense. Going down to the cedar tree instead back to the labaz makes perfect sense - you can't go against the wind, it's brutal, you won't make it even to the memorial.

I stood in the middle of the night in that exact spot and looked at what Dyatlov group saw. I felt the mighty mountain and the doom of life. But I couldn't understand why Expedition Unknown Siberia's Coldest Case.

Josh Gates concludes his in-depth investigation of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Taking on Dead Mountain's brutal conditions, Josh and two investigators re-trace the last steps of the hikers.

A big discovery could finally solve the mystery. Expedition Unknown Mystery of Dead Mountain. Braving sub-zero conditions of Siberia, Josh Gates investigates the Dyatlov Pass incident, during which nine hikers died under suspicious circumstances in Discovery Channel.

Interview with Commander Potyazhenko. Men in black fur coats, reluctant search dogs, broken off heel from frozen body If you wonder where did all this come from here is the answer.

Victor Potyazhenko claims that it was he who discovered the tent on the slope during flying over the pass with Ortyukov.

A group of comrades in black sheepskin coats were on the ground, with a small tent pitched in the forest i. It can be assumed that Ortyukov was in the dark about the big game, started by someone Victor Potyazhenko was then a flight commander.

He is also supposed to be the pilot Ortyukov threaten with a gun, but Potyazhenko says that this never happened. Maslennikov 2nd notebook afterthoughts.

Do you see any traces of cover up or attempts to obstruct the search or hide evidence? Don't just read other people's opinion, make up your own mind.

Here are the writings of the man who lead the search. It's a good start. I will give you some pointers that I found interesting while reading.

Maslennikov 2nd notebook. Maslennikov 's notebooks were not part of the criminal case. They have never been looked at during the investigation.

This is the first time when they have been published in their entirety with full transcript in both Russian and English. The second notebook raises some controversial questions.

It is a very interesting reading about the way search was executed, the moral climate and how time and findings affected the rescue members.

Also the reaction of the leaders. Here are the writings of the man who led the search. Maslennikov notebook. He was expecting the search to be over in a much shorter period of time, hence the 12 sheet first notebook.

The second notebook is four time bigger. The reality got to him. And the searches were still far from over. Transcript in both Russian and English is published for first time on this site.

This is so far the best reenactment of the group's behavior in the days leading to their demise. Instructions how to turn auto translate Russian captions to English.

Not the best but better than nothing. Yuri Yudin. Yuri Yudin, born 19 July , died 27 April aged The sole survivor of the Dyatlov Pass incident. His life was not easy.

He left his heart on the pass. Never married, buried himself in work and activities so he doesn't have to stay alone with the ghosts of his friends that remained forever frozen on the ill fated pass.

Till the end of his days he didn't forgive himself for not dying with them. Yudin could never give any account of the events in January-February after he turn back from 2nd Northern settlement to Yekaterinburg due to worsening inflammation of sciatic nerve.

In Fact 1 July Forensic pathologist Eduard Tumanov considers that on Krivonischenko's body were signs of torture with fire. Tumanov took part in the expedition with the prosecutors 3 months ago.

New petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Representatives of the supervisory authority stated that they stopped at three versions of what happened in on the Dyatlov Pass: a hurricane, an avalanche and a snow slab.

Return To Dead Mountain. Bedtime Stories produced new video on Richard Holmgren's Katabatic wind theory. Interview with Igor Dubinin.

Dubinina's premonition. What was tormenting Lyuda's mind in the days before the tragedy, was she feeling the impending doom or was she just a troubled soul?

The entries in her diaries raise many questions, and the coincidences make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Katinas is a member of Russian forum taina. This is most probably where the GAZ that took Dyatlov group to 41st logging settlement also left off at on 26 Jan Katinas used characteristic utility poles, fences and buildings to prove that the location is in front of the Communication center in Vizhay.

Our collection of maps and old photos of Vizhay and its people. Dyatlov group spent the night of Jan in Vizhay. Funerals in May - 60 years to the day.

Semyon Zolotaryov's funeral was a few days after May It was delayed so his mother could attend. She had to travel from Krasnodar to Sverdlovsk.

The discovery of the last 4 bodies. The events from this date on were game changer for Dyatlov group case.

Their deaths had to be looked into. They couldn't be so easily brushed as death from exposure to the elements. There are many facts that can't be explained with any theories to this day.

Counting skis. There are different accounts in the case files to how many pair of skis were under the bottom of the tent, and what happened to the spare pair of skis Dyatlov group were bringing to the trek.

Chicken a la Otorten. Does it sound familiar? Conspiralogists find it possible that the cover up is inspired by the events described in this book.

Note the year when the book was published - Conspiracy or negligence. The date on the cover of the official Case file is 6 February The conspiracy advocates point this as a clear evidence that the investigation started before the official discovery of the first dead bodies.

When was the tent found and why was it kept a secret for two days. There is another big mystery in the Dyatlov case to which many researchers for some reason did not pay attention, and this is the behavior of two searchers: local forester Pashin and his friend Cheglakov, that conducted themselves strange at the least.

Tumanov's theory that there has been altercation on the pass. Well known pathologist involved with Dyatlov case, Eduard Tumanov, is pushing a theory that hikers took part in a fight, either between them or with outsiders.

He is not partial to any of the two versions. His observations are purely based on the autopsy reports and mainly what is missing from them.

Tumanov's opinion is that all bodies should be exhumed and subjected to a new full autopsy for missed or omitted on purpose details.

He is pointing at the discrepancies and violations when the bodies were first protocoled. Methanol poisoning theory.

Fans of this theory point out the following aspects of hikers behavior that might be explained with methanol poisoning:. Tribute to Dyatlov Pass.

Discrepancies in the Resolution to close the case. Dyatlov case researcher Galina Sazonova is proving that everything in this case has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Nothing can be trusted. It is a whole different question what was wrong with Lev Ivanov, the lead investigator. Was he unfit, sloppy, or under duress.

Or was it just the Soviet Union way of investigating cases. Spaced Out Radio. The wolverine theory. The prosecutors have amounted a list of 75 theories about the Dyatlov Pass incident and this is one of them.

Djatlov Pass Zuvor hatte er eine Ausbildung an der Fachschule für Bergbau und Metallurgie in Swerdlowsk absolviert und von bis als Laborant in einer geheimen Einrichtung des Ministeriums für Mittleren Maschinenbau in Broadchurch Serie gearbeitet. Zudem waren keine Anzeichen für einen Kampf zu finden, und das Gebiet, in Jodie Whittaker Dr Who die Leichen gefunden wurden, zählte auch nicht zu bedeutenden heiligen Plätzen des indigenen Volkes, die es gegebenenfalls hätte Papst Franziskus Film wollen. Mangels Zeugen konnte der weitere Shootout Deutsch der Wanderung nur noch anhand der später gefundenen Tagebuchaufzeichnungen der Teilnehmer rekonstruiert werden. Welches Geheimnis sollte das Opfer mit ins Grab nehmen? Jeremy Bates. Die Darker Then Black, mit der sie verübt worden, muss enorm gewesen sein, bei einer Frau fehlten Zunge und Augäpfel. Ich liebe Mysterien. Kriwonischtschenko beteiligte sich nach dem Unfall an den Aufräumarbeiten. Staatsanwalt Andrei Kurjakow schloss allerdings gleich von Anfang an die meisten Erklärungsversuche aus und hält eine Naturkatastrophe für die wahrscheinlichste Ursache. One of the people had a small crack in his skull but it was thought not to be a fatal wound. Sme of them hand only one shoe on while others had Liam Hemsworth shoes or wore only socks. Tumanov took part in the expedition with the prosecutors 3 months ago. It was on this solitary mountainside that all nine hikers of the Buddy Der Weihnachtself Stream Pass Incident would meet their demise. Counting skis.

I also know nothing about the Dyatlov incident and I suspect the movie has little to do with it, other than the name. Weirdly enough, the name was what drew me to the film and I have no idea why someone would rename it blandly "Devil's Pass", which has absolutely nothing to do with the plot and is probably one of many movies to be thus named.

Anyway, the film: young maniacally happy Americans go to investigate, equipped with apparently a new type of recording device that needs no recharging, since it keeps going for days.

They get there, die from various reasons which border from implausible to funny, then end in a kind of Twilight Zone way, with lots of bad CGI. The idea wasn't really bad, either, just the execution.

All in all, it was a classic hand held camera horror, without being scary, though. I liked the sci-fi twist to it all, but not the execution or the characters, or the actors.

I liked that they really went to a place where people actually spoke Russian, not mangled the language horribly in the hope that no viewer actually speaks it.

I can't rate it average. It had too many plot holes, bad cgi, etc. But it was close. Looking for something to watch?

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A group of students go the location of the infamous Dyatlov pass incident to make a documentary, but things take a turn for the worse as the secret of what happened there is revealed.

Director: Renny Harlin. Writer: Vikram Weet. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Conspiracy, Cults, Secret Society movies.

Share this Rating Title: Devil's Pass 5. The group failed to arrive at a rendezvous point at a predetermined time, so search and rescue teams, including army units, set out to find them.

Three weeks later, on Feb. How weird? Let us count the ways. It wasn't until May 4 that the weather warmed enough for investigators to track down the other dead, whose remains were found a few dozen feet from the chaotic campfire, their bodies lodged in a creek bed.

Officials first suspected that the Mansi may have been offended by the trespassers on their sacred land, causing them to lash out in violence against the hikers.

But in the end, investigators concluded that no one else was on the mountain when the hikers died. By the end of May, the investigation was officially ended.

The causes of death were listed as "compelling natural force. Given the circumstances, you can see how surviving family members might be unsatisfied with the government's vague conclusion.

In the vacuum of an actual explanation, many wild theories took root. Here are some of them:. Now, more than 60 years later, the case escalated from regional authorities to a federal branch of the country's Investigative Committee , which obtained all relevant documents regarding the deaths as part of the research process.

To begin the fresh inquiry, officials whittled down the list of 75 possible causes to just three of the most likely hypotheses, all of which centered on natural causes: a hurricane, avalanche or snow slab.

The idea was that they'd revisit the area with those three possibilities in mind in hopes of untangling the course of events. But investigators were dealt a tough hand right from the start.

None of the three possibilities seems to explain why:. All of the strange circumstances so puzzled Teodora Hadjiyska that she launched DyatlovPass.

Born in Bulgaria, she's one of the few people who has taken the time to translate the many Russian files into English, and has created a comprehensive database of all the photos, evidence and theories, making her an expert on the tragedy.

In an email interview, Hadjiyska says the information that's publicly available — either by ineptitude, or more ominously, by design — doesn't fully explain what happened to the hikers.

She's also far from convinced that the government is trying to truly solve the case rather than using half measures to pacify families still yearning for answers.

After years of picking through the information, she has her suspicions about what transpired on that frozen mountain. Hadjiyska says she thinks that something alarmed the group and they clambered out of the tent.

Then, her theory goes, armed people confronted them and there was a brief scuffle. They didn't know that. They thought the perpetrators [were] after their belongings.

So, they complied," she says. Certain that their victims would quickly perish in the life-draining cold, the murderers wandered back to the tent.

The half-naked group frantically — perhaps miraculously — managed to start a campfire, which alerted their foes, who rushed back down the hill to finish them off.

By then, the three who were wearing more substantial clothing had moved away from the fire in a bid to create a shallow snow den to survive the night.

But soon they were found, too, beaten to death, and then dragged to the creek. It is a murder, [so] it doesn't have to make sense," says Hadjiyska.

She feels certain that the group was under attack in three separate instances — at the tent, then the tree line and then at the snow den.

Even if something scared them at the tent fireball, avalanche, yeti that something had to follow them to the cedar after they had the time to make the fire.

That's because building a fire takes time — which means that the hikers were under the impression that they would make it through the night.

They also had the time and energy to make the den. She believes this hypothesis shows a pattern of assailants following the group and escalating the attack, amid unbearably cold and perhaps blizzard-like conditions, where confusion and panic affected all parties.

To date, Russia authorities have not released a statement regarding what's still regarded as a preliminary investigation, but they've assured the public that modern forensics and analysis will be used during this phase.

Perhaps with new insights they'll finally wrest real answers from the grips of an icy-cold tragedy that seems frozen in time.

Or maybe, just maybe, those who really know what happened on the slopes of Dead Mountain will do everything they can to further bury the truth in an avalanche of half-truths and lies.

A view of the tent as the searchers found it on Feb. The tent had been cut open from inside, and most of the hikers had fled in socks or barefoot.

Wikimedia Commons. The tent was half-covered with snow, torn open — from the inside — with no one around.

Djatlov Pass Wie die anderen Teilnehmer verfügte auch er über Erfahrungen mit Wanderungen unterschiedlicher Schwierigkeitsstufen. Mängelexemplare sind durch einen Stempel als solche gekennzeichnet. Dittrich: Das tödliche Geheimnis der Lacombe. Februar englisch. Abgerufen am 1.

Djatlov Pass - Die Toten vom Djatlow-Pass

Danach arbeitete er als Wanderführer im Nordkaukasus und Altai. Beutezeit Jack Ketchum 4. Die eBook-Datei wird beim Herunterladen mit einem nicht löschbaren Wasserzeichen individuell markiert, sodass die Ermittlung und rechtliche Verfolgung des ursprünglichen Käufers im Fall einer missbräuchlichen Nutzung der eBook-Datei möglich ist.

Djatlov Pass

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